Want To Try Kratom? Choose Your Strain Carefully

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There’s a new herbal supplement sweeping the market. It’s called “kratom,” and it comes from the Thai tree Mitragyna speciosa. The leaves can be chewed raw, crushed into capsules or infused in teas and even energy drinks. Many who’ve tried kratom have become believers in its health benefits, but not all kratom is created equal. It requires research to realize what you need.

Kratom by Color

Kratom leaves are commonly categorized by the color of their veins. Generally, kratom acts as a stimulant similar to coffee in mild amounts, and more like an opioid (though technically it’s not) the more one takes. Red vein kratom produces the mildest strains overall, renowned for soothing properties against pain, both physical and mental. Green vein strains have more energizing effects, but with a more balanced buzz than white vein strains, which come from young leaves and are characteristically a powerful pick-me-up.

Kratom by Country

When browsing kratom products at a smoke shop with drinks Arlington VA, you’ll usually see strains described by their color and the location where the leaves were harvested (for example, “White Thai,” “Red Indo,” “Green Malay”). Knowing the source can offer some clues on how kratom will act. Bali kratom, for instance, is known for the feelings of euphoria experienced by users. Thai strains are stereotypically the strongest, while Indo strains (from Indonesia) are typically more mellow.

Special Strains

Along with the above categories, you may see other labels listed such as “Maeng Da” or “Bentuangie.” These are specially cultivated super strains of kratom. Maeng Da is a potent blend of red and white kratom that supposedly can simultaneously increase users’ energy and their sense of focus, making it ideal for completing difficult tasks. Bentuangie refers to a fermented red kratom. The fermentation process really releases the plant’s natural painkilling properties.

By studying suitable strains for your symptoms prior to purchase, you as a customer can most suitably enjoy your experiments with kratom.