How to get online exposure for your art

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As an artist, you might be forced to cut down on your marketing budget because of the challenging times most economies are in. However, this does not mean your marketing has to be less effective. There are many free opportunities for exposure you can leverage online. Some of the ways to get online exposure for your art are discussed below.

Have a website

Having a website will provide a place where you have a high level of control and where you can display your products. You can provide all information about you and your art as you wish and you can also make your products available for sale or put a column for art lovers to support you. You can also promote your website for more audience. You can read reviews about SimpleSite on Suomiarvostelut to know the experience of other people in Finland with the platform.


There are lots of benefits when you have your blog. You will be able to promote your brand unrestrained and sell your artworks while offering exceptional customer service. There is no better place for a potential customer to connect with you than on your blog. Write about how you do what you do; most people like to know the processes involved in making what they buy. Ensure you drive traffic to your website as that increases your chance of getting more customers.

Build a strong brand on social media

Social media is one of the best platforms you can build a recognizable brand for yourself and your art business. A strong brand communicates what you do and who you are effective to your peers and potential customers. Most people think that social media is a fad but it isn’t. it had created a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and sell instead.

Besides, most of the people that need to buy from you are on social media. Try to relate with other artists and join relevant communities in social media. You will get relevant critiques, more information and access to opportunities, and more money.

Create Youtube videos

Youtube is the largest platform after Google when it comes to search engines. Research shows that a lot of people prefer to consume information in video content. You can create entertaining and informative videos about your career, edit them and upload them online. However, you have to be consistent with it. You can always link your Youtube videos to your website and this will direct more traffic to it. Besides, video content helps to establish a deeper level of trust.

Guest post on other relevant blogs

Another way to get online exposure for your art is to guest post on relevant works. You get more traffic and also introduce your works to new audiences. You can share inspiring stories, helpful tips, etc. in your blog post. Ensure you include a link to your profile and your site in the post. Besides that you are helping blog owners put out more value on their blog, you are increasing your credibility as well.

Publish free ebooks

You can convert your knowledge and experience into a free e-book that will help other artists and aspiring ones navigate their path in the industry. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself as more people will read your ebook since it is free. It can be tempting to make some money from your book, but you should remember that the goal is to drive more awareness to your brand, not make money. Ensure you include your profile and contact details in your book so that people can trace you easily.