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Art MediaPackages taught in Parsons’ School of Art, Media, and Technology (AMT) — illustration, superb arts, photography, graphic design, data visualization, and design and technology — domesticate your visible and cultural literacy by means of integrative curricula. As a graduate, you’ll have the abilities needed within the international media and humanities sector. In the course of the third yr you’ll deepen and broaden your professional perception into your specialisation either by participating in a world research trade, or by selecting a fourth research module at TAMK.

The ‘matter’ of sonic saturation and its interlinked under-theorized situation, does not only concern the musicologists and a small specialised field of sound researchers; it’s, or should be, the matter and concern of the whole media arts discipline: It speaks to its very basis in transmedia issues and totally different understanding of the plurality of the histories contextualizing technologically mediated artwork.

14 15 16 The video exhibition Tuning In, passed off on the Museum of Positive Arts, Santa Fe, and the Artwork Gallery of the College of Santa Fe. 17 Public performances included visible artist and country western singer, Terry Allen (artist) , 18 efficiency artist and ecological activist Rachel Rosenthal , Paul Bob and efficiency poet, Larry Goodell.

Research the interaction of digital media, artwork, and culture in an more and more globalized society. Laura Beloff is an internationally acclaimed artist and researcher who features in-between academic leadership & research with a core in the arts and in creative strategies.

EMARE includes a grant of 3.000 €, a venture funds of 4.000 €, free lodging, travel expenses up to 500 €, free access to technical services and media labs of the host establishment, session by manufacturing and market consultants and a professional presentation as well as the choice to take part in exhibition tours at our members festivals in 2020-2021.