Yes, you require equipment to take photos that suit your vision. However, there are ways to cut costs. Most importantly, you do not have to buy everything right away. Once you have built your photography skills, it’s time to invest in more equipment. Before investing, you should see customer’s online reviews about organisations to know the real experiences of customers.

If you are starting in photography, there are a few important things to consider. Once you have built your photography skills, it’s time to invest in more photography equipment. Check electronic companies reviews and choose the one that meets your requirements.


Whether you are taking landscape, portrait, night, street or even wedding photos, at some point you need a tripod.

Tripods are extremely useful in low-light situations because the stability of a tripod allows you to take longer exposures without moving the camera. This stability is also crucial for things like nighttime aerial photography and selfie shots at night.


A remote shutter release is useful because it allows you to “take a picture” without physically touching the camera body, eliminating the risk of camera shake and inadvertent camera blur. It is usually used in conjunction with a tripod.


As you improve your photography skills, you will eventually collect many different types of lenses that you can use to make all kinds of photos. However, for a start, it is better to start with a single prime lens. Why a prime lens?

With a fixed camera lens, you need to view your shots carefully, expanding your skills and helping you improve faster. For Canon and Nikon, the 50mm f / 1.8 prime lens is the cheapest of all lenses, making it a great photo kit for beginners.


For photography, having a handful of smaller SD cards is better than a large SD card. That way, you still have other cards to use in case a card ever gets damaged. Make sure you buy the right SD card for your type of photography.


Your camera likely came with a proprietary strap. Once you have the other things above, you should start looking for a good quality camera strap. The difference between a good belt and a kit belt is day and night and you would not regret it.


Once you have purchased all of the above, you should bring everything with you in a bag that is well designed for the job. Photography material is only useful if you have it with you when you want to take pictures.

If you plan to bring a laptop to your shooting site, consider the DSLR and laptop backpack.

Better equipment does not make you a better photographer. Do not buy these things if you are tired of sucking and you think they will help. The only solution is to learn, study and practice photography. But photography can be more fun with gear, and that is certainly valuable.