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If you are divorcing your wife, then you may face unique challenges in terms of custody and support issues. If you need help establishing your rights as a father, it is important to maintain qualified legal aid. An Oklahoma paternity rights attorney can help you better understand the laws that govern these cases and advise you on your legal options.

A paternal rights attorney can assist you in all areas of an Oklahoma fathers rights issue, including:

  • Demand for increased child support payments
  • father problem
  • Child abuse allegations
  • Child relocation problem
  • Situations where the mother refuses visitation rights or interferes with custody arrangements
  • Modification of child custody

Some things a Father’s Rights Lawyer can do

Can act as a mediator

Paternal rights attorneys can act as mediators when family disputes develop. Going through a divorce is perhaps one of the most draining experiences a family can face. Emotions may arise and make it impossible for a partner to resolve them calmly. A competent paternal rights attorney can assist a couple in the divorce process to resolve matters fairly without having to go to court. help them to approach problems rationally and in accordance with the law.

Handling Child Custody Agreements

A competent paternal rights attorney can help separated parents draft a child custody agreement. A paternal rights attorney can also assist parents in amending the child custody agreement if necessary. Terms of the visit are something you will have to account for in a parenting plan or fight in family court if you are denied access to your children as their father.

A father’s rights attorney gives you the practical legal advice you need and supports you personally when you are going through the emotional experience of divorce or separation.

A father’s rights attorney dispels all your worries about your children, custody, child support, and knowing how to protect your rights as a father. Paternity Lawyers have helped men deal with the complex legal and emotional issues involved in Divorce and Family law matters. Unfortunately in most custody cases, it is the men who have to prove that they are suitable parents, not the women.

Tips for Winning Father’s Rights in Cour

  • You are here to solve problems, not blame. Problem solving is the present/future. Mistakes are always in the past.
  • Invest time and patience in the fight.
  • Focus on your child, not on the mother.
  • Don’t speak ill of mother to child.
  • You need to maintain an objective focus and avoid getting into fights with your ex.
  • Don’t beg her mother to be more rational and kind.
  • Take parenting classes. Provide your certificate of completion to your attorney. Not just for the courts, but for understanding that you can always be a better parent.
  • Provide judges with workable and reasonable parenting schedules and arrangements that will benefit everyone, especially your child.
  • Don’t introduce your child to a woman you’ve only met a month after separating.
  • When your ex-spouse accuses you of not spending enough time with your child, record

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